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Looking for a "B" name for my new baby brother!

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I'm Sassy and I- know it!
Barked: Fri May 28, '10 8:56am PST 
Hi Everybody!

Mommy's getting me a new baby brother in a couple months. He's a dappled mini dachshund like me except hes brown, white and tan.

Mommy and I are starting to think of names for him. So far our top three are: Bentley, Brady and Brody

We like them all so much that we cant decide! We'd like some help from all of you! Which one do you like best? Or do you have another idea for a name that starts with a B?



cutest cuddlebug
Barked: Wed Jun 9, '10 9:23pm PST 
I like Bentley!!

Barked: Wed Jun 16, '10 11:25am PST 
Agree Bently is a very nice name


I'm Sassy and I- know it!
Barked: Fri Jun 18, '10 7:20am PST 
Thanks for the feedback. We decided on Bentley! He's currently a little over 4 weeks. Can't wait to bring him home! Oh and we just found out he has blue eyes!

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