Why Mini Doxies? (Potentially bringing one home)

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Dunedain Ranger
Barked: Mon Jun 8, '09 10:29pm PST 
Mommy saw a friend of hers in the store today, who has a litter of 5 Mini Doxie puppies, and she wants to give my Mom one of them.

Mommy would like to hear first hand testimonies from experienced owners and pawrents before she makes a decision.

Why do you love your MD?

Why did you choose them over hundreds of other breeds?

What is a typical day like?

Mommy likes dogs that are very active and playful (like me!), and not ones prone to sleeping all day.

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Barked: Wed Jun 10, '09 4:04pm PST 
Mine is a small standard, not a mini.
She was somewhat difficult to housetrain, but has been completely reliable since about 6 months.
She loves cuddling, and sometimes gets cold and needs a sweater.
She is very smart and can be taught just about anything for a food reward. Last night she rolled on her back while we were playing. I quickly gave her a piece of baloney and praised her. About a minute later she rolled on her back again and I treated her again. After those 2 times she realized rolling on her back was a good thing and kept repeating it. I added the words "play dead" as a command, and we now have a new trick!
She has a very loud bark, and alerts us when anyone comes to the house.
She LOVES other dogs, and is totally non-territorial with visiting dogs.
She is suspicious of strange men, and will growl at them when they try to pet her.
Children love doxies, but you must watch them very carefully because they're so tempting to pick up, yet their backs are quite fragile.
She has never nipped, bitten or snapped at anyone. Including children that have grabbed her toys or stuck their hands in her food dish. However, she's only a year and a half so....
She likes to eat cat and bunny poopred face
She will listen intently when you speak to her, cocking her head from side to side as if she's paying complete attention (she's obviously straining to hear the words "walk" or "treat")
She loves going for walks. Although small, doxies are hardy and enjoy their exercise.
She loves car rides. She curls up and sleeps on long trips.
She is a glutton-most doxies are. Be careful not to overfeed!
She doesn't shed much, and little grooming is required. I bathe her when she rolls in something gross.

A typical day:
She sleeps until we get up. (yay!)
She goes outside and does her business.
She goes back to bed while I shower and dress.
Days off: She sits in front of me, staring up with those "please walk me" eyes.
Works days: She stays in bed.
Days off: She harasses me until she gets a walk.
Work days: She harasses me when I get home to go for a walk.
Days off: She wants to come with me everywhere-car rides are always fun. Our friends and family all love her and she is easy to take since she's small and clean, so she comes with us for visits.
Once walked, she loves to lay out in the sun if it's a nice day or find a patch of sun inside if neccessary.
Evening involves playtime, running around like a demon dog or cuddling on the couch.

Before we got Lupi, neither my husband nor myself had ever owned a dog. Since getting her, we've had a lot more experience dog-sitting for friends and family, and I volunteer at our local humane society. I now realize what a great dog she is. Easy to care for, sweet, comical-very little doggie smell!
I don't know if she's a typical Dachshund or not, but I love her immensely. If your pup is anything like her, you will too.
Penny- CL3,TBAD,- TG-2

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Barked: Sat Jun 13, '09 6:30am PST 
Mini's are great, the personality on them are huge, I can go all day fetching my ball or playing agility with Mom, or if she wants, I will snuggle on the couch or in bed for hours and hours...

Mini PUPPIES are like any other breed, they need their rest to grow, but they are fun, they play hard and sleep hard.

Obedience class as soon as you can will make a big difference (praise/reward based only please, NO choke collars or leash "pops")
Dachshunds are sensitive, punishment will make them resent you.


Dunedain Ranger
Barked: Sat Jun 13, '09 1:49pm PST 
Strider's Mommy here! I brought my little guy home yesterday, a black & tan. He's sooo sweet! Now if only I could think of a name for him. I'm torn between Geoffrey, Solo, and Lando.

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Barked: Sun Jun 14, '09 4:27pm PST 
I think the name Lando is cute by the way.
Bama AKA- "Buddybear'

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Barked: Sat Nov 7, '09 2:20am PST 
Just wanted to post and answer the questions!

Why do you love your MD? I love Bama because he is very loving and sweet. Bama is very elegant looking and is always good. He loves to go on rides with me in my vehicle even if it's just to the store and back. He also LOVES his walkies. I love how little his legs are and how long his little body is, it's soooo cute.

Why did you choose them over hundreds of other breeds?
my hubby wanted one!

What is a typical day like?
Bama does sleep a lot but he also has times throughout the day when he'll run around the house or want to play fetch.


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Barked: Mon Aug 30, '10 5:10pm PST 
Extremely loyal and very smart dogs. My long haired dachsund is more affectionate than my Maltese. She doesnt like strangers or other dogs that she hasnt accepted as part of her pack. It only takes about a week for her to get to know you.