Socializing mini Aussies with kids

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Barked: Mon Feb 18, '13 3:48pm PST 
I have a 3 year old toy Aussie named Charlie. He is full of energy and very friendly with people. Sometimes I worry about how he will react to kids in the future. When we go for walks a lot of kids want to pet him and he is really good when I'm right there but he has weird quirks too. He always barks and tries to chase kids riding bikes around our house and he sometimes barks at little kids in snow suits. A lot of my friends are having kids right now and I want to feel comfortable having kids over. Any advice on the best way to socialize my dog with kids and babies?

Barked: Sun May 5, '13 10:37am PST 
I'm no expert, and I am sure people will respond saying I have no idea what I'm talking about, which is entirely possible, but it sounds like he needs to learn that kids on bikes and in suits aren't bad... Maybe see if they will help you by riding up slowly, getting off their bikes, and giving him some treats? Then he associates bikes with kids with good things like treats and attention... As far as snow suits, have you worn one around him? With a hat? How does he react to you? If you know them, again, have them unsuit in front of the dog and if he is friendly to them, have them give him treats and love, but I would not do it if the dog showed any signs of tension or anxiety. You'll have to read his body language and obviously the safety of the kids should be first and foremost. OR have him outside with you on a leash and just stand there as the kids go by... After a few barks with no action, he may get that it does nothing... If he does nothing, give him treats or praise each time they ride by (you may have solicit their help in riding by several times) . Same with the snow suits. May help with desensitizing. My two cents. Maybe lesssmile