Harness Fitting Trouble

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Cisco - A work in- progress.
Barked: Thu Dec 6, '12 9:18am PST 
My mini is 14in. and 8 months old. He walks best on a harness with the leash hooked at the front chest ring rather than the d-ring between the shoulders. I'm having a lot of trouble finding a harness that fits him properly. Every harness I've tried has been too tight around the chest and neck and too long at the center, belly/under chest strap (even with 5 point adjustments) because of this he is in-between sizes (S/M). Small is too tight around the chest, too loose in the center strap, Medium is too loose in the neck and center and fits OK around the chest. It's been difficult to find a harness with customizable adjustment AND the front ring to hook his leash. Right now he's wearing a KONG traffic harness, it's OK but not ideal the center strap is so loose he likes to gnaw on it and the chest strap is snug. What kind of harnesses have you all used and liked? Any suggestions as to what brands or types would work best? I really like the harness for the security, he can't wiggle out of it like he sometimes can with his collar.