New puppy on the way I need some help please.

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Being a puppy is- fun but you also- tierd
Barked: Wed May 9, '12 5:48pm PST 
Hi I am getting a new puppy. His name will be Ricochet. I have not got him yet since he is only a week old. I need some help. I need some advice when I first get him I wanna keep him busy. I need some ideas. Can you please help me out wit some ideas? When he gets a little older I am gonna do 4-H with her and maybe AKC agility. and obedience Training but other then that besides walks how do I keep him busy? I am also a first time Aussie owner. I am gonna do obedience with him. and then trick later.

p.s I have not done puppy proofing in a long time I need some tips.