Mini Aussie is very whiny

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Barked: Thu Aug 25, '11 11:27am PST 
This is the first post I've made at dogster, but this is my last stop short of going to some classes for my mini aussie. He's so intelligent that I don't feel like classes are necessary for him, but maybe they are for me.

My issue with Toby is that he's kind of a big baby. If I happen to approach him in a way he doesn't like he'll roll over on his back and sometimes even pee himself a little.

He has an extreme fear of leashes, he whines and cowers when I try to put a leash on him. If I'm successful once I open the door he'll run out screaming like he's being abused, while also peeing himself.

I got Toby from a breeder, so as far as I know he's never been abused in any sense of the word.

We have an otherwise great relationship, he loves to cuddle with me, be in my lap, and is ALWAYS at my side.

Aside from the specific things I've mentioned, he's just overly whiny sometimes. For example, if he's excited when people come over he'll just whine and whine and whine for hours no matter how much he's ignored, punished (caged), or given attention. I've tried telling him "uh uh" and then when he gets quiet to treat him and say "good boy", but almost as soon as he gets the treat he'll whine again.

Is anyone else's mini aussies this whiny/whimpy? Any suggestions as to what I can do to stop it?

Barked: Tue Oct 18, '11 3:47pm PST 
I would highly suggest taking your dog to puppy/dog classes. Your class instructor will help you address any concerns you may have. It seems as if your dog has exceptionally low confidence. What has help me with is to have the dog start interacting more with the world around him. Give him things to explore and play with.
Out one of his toys inside of a shoe box. Encourage him to pull it out. This is so simply yet can help give the dog more confidence.
Go outside and encourage him to climb up things such as tree stumps. You see the satisfaction and joy in his face when he realizes what he just accomplished!