So what foods do you guys use?

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Hello everyone,

First let me actually introduce myself since I am new. I'm Auron, and my mommy is trying to decide on exactly what food/foods to feed me. Right now I'm still with my real mommy and siblings, so she still has plenty of time to decide. She definitely plans on feeding me some type of Blue Buffalo food, but is thinking of maybe once or twice a week feeding me Freshpet foods in order to give my diet a bit of variety. She was wondering whether anyone had any personal experience with the food and what you guys maybe thought of it?

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What a cutie! I have always been told by different breeders to stay away from puppy food, stick with a high quality food that is an "ALL LIFE STAGES". I don't know if Blue Buffalo has an All life stages formula or not but you might want to look into Merrick, Natural Balance, Solid Gold, Canidea just to name a few that offer all life stage formulas. Good luck!

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I feed my 5 month old Mini Aussie "Fromm Four Star Surf and Turf". It's grain free, limited ingredient, has lots of meat protein and it is a all life stages food. Plus it has more protein and fat than big-brand foods which is good for my very active Mini Aussie Puppy! It's made by a family owned company is Wisconsin smile I always feed better feeding my pup food/ treats made in the USA. Downside is its pricey but being a small dog he doesn't go through it that fast plus he LOVES it and that's the most important thing in my book!
I'm no dog pro but I believe dry food is better for their teeth than wet food and switching your puppy between different brands of food through the week could upset his tummy. It took my baby almost a week if soft poop to switch from Eukanuba ( which the breeder fed him) to Fromm.

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