Minis, toys or standards? Should there be a distinction?

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Barked: Sat Jul 18, '09 10:12pm PST 
Well, I think if "Minis" or "North American Shepherds" want to be their own breed (as well as toys) there needs to be some sort of outcrossing involved. thinking I personally wouldn't chose Chihuahuas, but that's just me.
Granted I own a 40lb "mini" (same weight as my runty Aussie) who acts like a friggin working ACD...I just think the genetics are too much of a 'mixed bag' at this point. Aussies aren't the most 'stable' in regards to temperament so mixing Runt A with Runt B isn't going to cut it.
Rethy- (reethy)- CGC, PSD

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Barked: Mon Oct 19, '09 12:49pm PST 
I am a mini-aussie, came from a reputable breeder with champion dogs. She breeds for health, conformation and temperament. My mom did lots of research before she got me and found out these things. Some mini-aussies are very timid and lack confidence. Because they have become so popular, they have been over-bred by people who are not reputable and produce dogs with both health and behavioral issues.

My breeder likes the companionship quality of Aussies and focuses most of her selection on calm, sociable, healthy dogs. I've been in obedience training since I was 4 months old and started doing easy agility stuff when I was 7 months old. Some say that is too early, but I was shy and needed more confidence. I'm such a well-behaved, tuned in dog, that I'm now learning to be a medical alert service dog for my owner.

I don't herd, but probably would since I herd other dogs as play. I love agility. I have big aussie friends and they are really hyper, I'm not. If the ASCA doesn't want dogs like me to be included in the AKC, so be it. I think mini-aussies that come from reputable breeders are very cool dogs.
Chase (CGC)

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Barked: Thu Oct 22, '09 11:56pm PST 
How did she have Champion dogs? thinking


Barked: Fri Nov 20, '09 1:34pm PST 
Toys, Mini's & Standards do have a distinction...SIZE. That is the ONLY difference. From reputable breeders, they are pure bred Australian Shepherds and not crossed with anything. If you were to see the outline of a Toy or Mini Aussie off in the distance...with no reference to size...you shouldn't be able to tell if it is a Toy, Mini or Standard. Aussies are sweet, gentle, and athletic dogs. They are a working breed and very intelligent & loyal. They are hardy and get along with several kinds of animals including cats. They can often be reserved with strangers if not properly socialized when pups.

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Barked: Tue Apr 23, '13 3:40pm PST 
I have a mini aussie, 6 months, 8 lbs.. Champion bloodlines from both parents and papers showing so. The only reason why there is a debate is the Australian shepherd "purists" are haters. Lola is has every trait her standard counterparts have and can herd just fine. Hell a snake in the grass can herd animals, the size doesn't matter. Don't hate, appreciate, ya acting like a racist dogster :p
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