Second Dog...Good idea?

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Barked: Sat Sep 29, '07 11:45am PST 
We have a four year old Mini Aussie, have never had more than one dog at a time. We are thinking of getting a small standard Aussie. What are the pros and cons of having a second dog? Our mini is a female, we are told she is a dominating female so a male companion would be best. Would having a second dog change her "personality" such as causing her to pay more attention to it than us, or be jealous of the new addition?

Thank you.


Barked: Tue Oct 2, '07 5:04am PST 
Yes Aussies need friends! I have loads of friends! I have a standard aussie and 2 toys that live with me and we have loads of fun! I am still very attentive to my peeps and know who is the boss so it makes for fun times and play all around. I am never lonely and suffer no boredom!

Barked: Sun Dec 2, '07 10:10pm PST 
Having two mini aussies myself, I highly recomend having two. Its a bit trying on ones nerves at first, but my boy is so much happier, and my new girl is such a love bug. They're great dogs


G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-- S
Barked: Sun Dec 16, '07 5:16pm PST 
Oh I totally agree with getting another. My sister is a sheltie and I love her so much and we play and roll around and herd eachother - but when mommy is ready to cuddle - we're RIGHT there with her on each side. We both love her so much, I dont think your doggy will pay attention to you any less - maybe for the first hour or so when the new addition is being introduced smile

Pat me please
Barked: Mon Dec 24, '07 4:20am PST 
I just joined this group but happily to report that we just got our second mini Aussie. They are so funny together. They play and sleep together both males. Best move we made.

Frisky Business- Tobylicious
Barked: Tue Jan 1, '08 1:43pm PST 
As you can see by my profile picture, my sister Willow and I have GREAT fun! dancing

Before I came into the family, Willow was somewhat bored and couldn't get the exercise a hyper cattle dog needs. Since I have been around we both wear eachother out every day from playing tag. Best decision my parents made was adopting 2 hyper dogs.

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Bunny Bottom
Barked: Thu Mar 13, '08 5:44pm PST 
I would love to have a friend too. I think a female would be a good Idea. They usually get along well. Leerburg.com talks about introducing a second dog. It is a great site too!
Abbey and- Ozzie

Barked: Sun Aug 16, '09 9:15pm PST 
Thank You Thank You!!!!

I picked up Ozzie, my now 9 week old Mini Aussie on Thursday and he is amazing. 48 hours later we decided to add a sister to the mix. They are from different parents but raised since less than a week old.

Today, after puppy-proofing the backyard, started to get overwhelmed I bit off more than I can chew. Ozzie now has a friend and they love each other, always playing and he is easier to crate now when sleeping. They slept last night from 11:30-6:30 without a sound applause