WHere's My Cat-like Dog?

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Cheese, please!
Barked: Tue Oct 30, '07 3:05pm PST 
I love love love my Fredo. However, when my husband found the breeder then began reading about the Miki, he was under the impression that this little Mr. Man would be somewhat more calm than is actually the case. Fredo never stops moving - just like me. Does the cheese stand alone here?thinking

Sweet Pea
Barked: Tue Feb 10, '15 11:09am PST 
Cats are also playgul and active. A pup is like a kitten and will get into mischief; as it gets older it will become more mellow (like a cat). My mi-ki loves to stretch out in a good sun spot, makes a purring noise when happy, kneeds her paws sometimes, etc. At 7 she's pretty mellow but gets spurts where she runs around like crazy. My niece & nephew (a 2 cat household) have taken to calling her a puppy-cat.