Was your mastiff puppy THIS lazy?!?!?

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One day I'm- gonna grow into- these paws!
Barked: Sat Jul 18, '09 4:37pm PST 
Hullo my beautiful mastiff friends smile

I just brought Lola home yesterday. I've had experience with all types of puppies before, but NONE that sleep THIS much and don't get into trouble. I've never had a pup that's been this "calm". All she does is sleep, maybe walk around a bit, and sleep more. She isn't even motivated to play or even walk around the yard with me! So I'm wondering... isn this normal, a breed thing, or it possible she's sick? She's been eating fine and her stool is normal... any ideas? smile


I love to- cuddle!
Barked: Wed Aug 12, '09 6:39am PST 
I would not get too nervous. My Deogee just wanted to cuddle in bed or on the couch for the first few weeks. She was like a teddy bear. She didn't get really active unless left alone, and she got nervous. So basically, don't worry about it. In my experience they sleep quite a bit even when they get older.