Pad Training

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Barked: Fri Feb 17, '12 4:11pm PST 
My 8 month old Maltese was pad trained until a couple of weeks ago. Now all she does is tear up the pad and eat the filler. She now uses the floor to do her business. I'm not able to take her out some days due to disability. One of the reasons that I got a Maltese was the fact that they could be pad trained. I love my baby, but I need some help. Has anyone else had this problem and what was your solution?

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Barked: Fri Mar 9, '12 2:23pm PST 
I really don't know how to help you since Maya, a Maltipoo, also decided that she prefers to destroy the pad apart instead of doing her business there. So, I end up taking it away from her.
At night, she no longer sleeps with a pad, because she will destroy it and do her business any place but on the pad. So far, we got luck, she does not do anything until early morning and it's outside.
BUT, she is potty trained to ring the bell and go outside and do her business.
Did you try the Puppy forum and see what the "older" moms say?