Hi all! Question about grooming a Maltese.. How much work is it really...

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Barked: Wed Jun 16, '10 11:08am PST 
to keep a Maltese in a not puppy cut? My sister just adopted a 3 year old little male Maltese and he's been shaved pretty short. Looks like a skinny little thing.. and I've a penchant for keeping dogs looking the way they're 'supposed' to. Granted, it's not my dog but as I'll be pet sitting it for a while, I wanted to know a few basics on Maltese grooming.

On one hand I know there's the close-cut puppy coat, then there's the floor length show coat with the top knot. Does anyone have any suggestions for in-between coats? Don't think that my sister is keen on the show coat (though I know if it were my dog I'd keep it in one and spend hours a day on its coat.. )

I read some things online about paw fur trimming, whitening shampoos, etc for a Maltese, but I'm looking to get some more in-depth information.


Thanks in advance! (this has been crossposted from the main forum's grooming section)

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Barked: Thu Jul 22, '10 8:08pm PST 
My Maltese has really thin hair. When we got him he had the baby-cut short hair but I have grown it out some. His hair doesn't touch the ground so it isn't the 'show dog' cut. I like his hair the length it is. I don't keep his hair in a top-not because it's too thin and slips out. It is just long enough to keep in a short top-not. I think it looks cute. His hair is just the right length for me!