Grooming clippers?

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Francie Rose

Cutie Pie
Barked: Tue Jul 3, '07 6:56pm PST 
I want to start grooming Francie myself and am at a loss trying to choose clippers? Do any of you clip your babies yourself? If so, can you please recommend a good clipper? I am leaning towards the Andis Pro-Pet because it seems quiet. I want Francie to remain in a puppy cut about an inch long all over, but most clippers have a number 10 blade and the longest comb is only half an inch! To start buying other blades and combs only complicates matters! Any help will be very gratefully received! Thanks so much!

Angie & Francie

I love you! LOVE- ME! LOVE ME!
Barked: Sat Aug 4, '07 9:41pm PST 
I would also love to have this information. At one point I bought a human-grade Conair clipper but it really does nothing on Milo's hair -- just buzzes right through and barely takes off a skiff! I have from time to time considered the Flowbee -- remember that thing that hooked up to a vacuum? But I know there must be good alternatives because, heck. The groomer's clippers seem to work...

Thanks to anyone who can supply this info!
Tiki Zeus

I am King Tiki- Zeus
Barked: Mon Aug 6, '07 2:21pm PST 
I bought some clippers and gave it a try myself. GOODLUCK with that. Not sure the brand, fairly inexpensive. Tiki isn't scared of the noise, these sound just like any others. Keeping them in a puppy cut is just the cutest ever. Your baby is just beautiful.
He does let me trim a bit, even with scissors. He loves to get groomed. He even takes showers. He's a bit different. Loves to look ever so handsome.
You have any luck?

Tiki Zeus

I am King Tiki- Zeus
Barked: Mon Aug 6, '07 2:22pm PST 
Sorry, I forgot to tell you that I bought them at Target.
Jen & Tiki
Royal- Bentley- Deeogee

Rest In Peace- Sparky
Barked: Thu Mar 27, '08 9:30pm PST 
Okay here it goes I only use OSTER TURBO 2 speed clippers. If you are only doing your Maltese fur baby you need 3 blades. A #10 for his tummy and hind areas, a #15 for in between his paws on an angel, and a #3 for his body. You can go to Petedge.com or Foster and Smith.com. Purchase a groomimg book or buy a video. You must be very careful in the hind leg area with a #3 blade. You must pull the skin back lightly so no to get skin stuck. Rule number one before you do anything is comb through all hair with some water or conditioner and get ALL knots and mats out FIRST, then bath him downward, Head first, Hold his ears down close to his body to prevent any water from getting into his eyes, I put mineral oil in there eyes first before bathing. You can purchase a dog dryer too. A human dryer will dry out your fur baby and make his hair brittle and dry it out. I am a groomer so If anyfurs have questions let me know. On your Maltese I would hand clip the hair on the legs with a good hair scissor. Tie his hair up away form his face or you can cut bangs and angle the sides.............Goodluck to you all......

Barked: Wed Jul 7, '10 2:22am PST 
As a professional groomer for 30 years I will say this: if it was easy, everyone would do their own pet.
It's not only about equipment; it's about safety and technique. You can end up with a dog that looks like a checkerboard, with nicks and cuts from carelessly used scissors, or one with burns from overheated clippers.
Anything longer than 1/2 inch will have to be completely combed through, with no knots, or the blade will bind up and not go through the hair. If using a snap-on-comb, the comb may flip off when it hits the knot and you'll end up with a bald spot where the shorter base blade has shaved the dog to the skin.
Still unconvinced? Have at it--but keep your vet on speed-dial. And best of luck smile