Too Stubborn to be Picked Up

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Izzat chicken?
Barked: Tue Sep 22, '09 6:48pm PST 
I think that I might just need this as a proxy for training lhasas in general. Unfortunately, Tally needed to see a professional when she was a puppy, and even he called her particularly difficult.

Ever since she was four, Tally's been getting increasingly stubborn about being picked up. She started snapping and nipping when I tried to, then started getting nippy with my Dad, and now the only one who can pick her up (and even she has a time of it) is my mom. Tally just turned seven about a month ago. I'm relatively certain that it's not any kind of sensitivity on her stomach, because she loves getting chest and tummy rubs. However, whenever hands come toward her from the sides, she freaks. There are some factors that may have exacerbated the problem - 1) When she started snapping at me, frequently I was in the middle of picking her up and thus, startled, would wind up dropping her
2) When she started getting snappy with my dad, his solution was to grab her up and flip her so that her stomach was facing away from him and there was no support for her rear. The rest of us usually yelled at him for that
Tally's not a biter, but she is very mouthy and snaps a lot when she's upset. Any ideas? I'm willing to provide any other information necessary.