Leo puppy biting

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Barked: Wed Oct 2, '13 9:42pm PST 
I know biting is common for puppies, but I need help! My 10 week Leo puppy hasn't responded to any of the normal tips to stop biting.

If we walk out of the room, he does it when we come back.
If we redirect to treats with a command, he expects treats every time and will bite to get them.
If we redirect to a toy it lasts for about 30 seconds before he's back to it.

He's got about $200 work of toys, everything from ropes to chew rings to tires to stuffed toys, etc, but nothing holds his interest for chewing. We've tried ice cubes, frozen carrots, etc to help numb the gums, but that doesn't seem to work - He just comes back to chew us afterwards. We've tried frozen toys, still prefers our clothes, hands etc. We don't want to use things like pinching his mouth closed, dominant holds etc because we don't believe in them, but we're running out of tricks.

We are at our wits end at this point. We don't want to keep him in the laundry room/bathroom area that is 'his' too often, but we can't have him out and around us without this behavior. frown Any suggestions would be appreciated.