Possibly a Lakeland?

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Gracie Lou

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Barked: Tue Apr 14, '09 12:02pm PST 
I've been trying to figure out what breed (or breeds) my dog Gracie is. I came across a picture of a Lakeland terrier today that looks just like her. I'm wondering if you guys think she might possibly be one, or at least a mixed breed.

"Jocey- Wales" CH- Cherry Creek

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Barked: Sun Jun 7, '09 2:33pm PST 

Gracie is very very cute.

I would say Gracie is definitely a PRT Parson Russell Terrier or JRT cross or might have some other terrier mix (Norwich, etc. or Dachshund in her.

Lakelands are never white with the exception of a small spot on the chest (any white on a Lakeland is to be severely penalized as far as the breed standard reads). JRT's, & PRT's, are a mostly white dog with colored points. A lakeland would either be of a solid color, red, blue, black, or liver. Or a saddled dog of these colors always with a mix of tan never white.

A Lakeland is exactly as tall as they are long they are between 14-15" at the withers or shoulder. PRT's are also square also around 14" at the shoulder. A JRT should be longer than they are tall. They have much more variation in heights than the other two. They can be between 10-14" at the withers. Hope this answers your question.

Lakelands do not shed and the broken type coats on the other two shed little but still shed.

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