Arthritis & senior Lakies

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PLUMM - (9/1/92-10/2- 5/08)

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Barked: Fri Sep 28, '07 1:28pm PST 
Just wanted to check in with you older Lakies and other Wires if you're tuned in... I've been having a bit of trouble (lameness, actually) in one of my back legs. Tests & x-rays say it isn't arthritis so no yucky meds are needed. Mom takes me to a canine chiropractor now (Acupuncture didn't do much - those needles are VERY thin!) and the adjustments seem to help - every 3 weeks or so she pops my back knees into place, massages my back, hips and neck - Boy, does that feel good! And I always walk out peppier that I walked in. I can only go up one step but I still motor down the stairs in the morning for breakfast! I guess what I want to pass along is if you're stiff get tested (blood test & x-rays) before starting on any meds as the meds can be bad for our kidneys. Mom just gives me pup glucosamine tabs to help my joints. The Chiropractor seems to be really helping! Any other opinions out there?? puppy
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Barked: Mon Oct 1, '07 2:51pm PST 
Woof Plumm!

Well, even though I was not a lakie and a welshie, I was pretty lucky in that I never had leg problems as I grew old. It sounds like your mommy is taking good care of you though. I think alll those nice rub downs makes all worth it instead of the icky meds....snoopy Hope you feel better.