Buying second Black Labrador

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I am going to adopt a Black Labrador Retriever, and I want a full bred Black Labrador, around 3 to 5 years old. I am not looking for any papers for the dog. What are the things to look for to make sure is is a full bred Lab? I last Lab. dies three months ago.

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The only way to ensure you're getting a purebred is to go with a reputable breeder.

Ways to distinguish a reputable breeder:

- you can verify they have a good widespread reputation
- they are educated on the breed
- they have vet references
- they do health testing
- they do not breed dogs before 2 years of age
- they do not breed on a mass scale
- they are not breeding for color (silver for example)
- they are not breeding for sizes outside of the breed standard (either too small or too large)
- they utilize the talents of the breed by making sure their dogs have the opportunity to work (retrieve). Without proof of inherent retriever talent the litters a breeder is producing are not going to better the breed.

Keep in mind that someone having a pup to offer with AKC papers is NOT a reflection of it's quality. About anyone can acquire such papers and it does not guarantee the puppy you're getting is well bred or even purebred.