Silver Labradors,Black and Tan Labradors,and Brindle Labradors are Purebred

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Hi, i have done a lot of reading on this site and on other sites about labrador retrievers that are colors other then black yellow and chocolate.I believe these strange colors are purebred dogs.I know a lot of people believe the theory that these dogs, mainly the Silver labs are a cross breed.Which may be partially true,I think there may be some people that crossed labs and the weim dog to make a silver colored labrador just to make a quick dollar.I also have looks at lab weimaraner mixes that looked totally different from a silver lab.They were much more lanky and not as stocky and muscular as the silver labradors.They also had weimaraner faces and looked completely different from the silver labs.

The AKC does allow silver Labradors to be registered, but not as silver. Instead, they're considered a variation on the well recognized chocolate lab. That's because the most likely genetic combination for these animals is a chocolate Labrador with a dilute gene that causes the silvering of the coat. Blue labs are really black Labradors with a dilute gene that causes their coat to be bluish grey.

There are even some who feel that silver Labradors can't really be purebred. Since breeds like the Doberman and Weimeraner are prone to the dilute gene, they argue, these animals or ones like them must have been introduced into the silver lab bloodlines. That would mean that these animals are mixed breeds, though the non-lab genes were introduced a long time ago. We can't test for this, though, and it's possible that the dilute gene might have appeared on its own.

DNA testing and mapping of silver labs was done during the close of the Twentieth Century and meticulous investigation of each silver labs ancestry was conducted by investigators from AKC. All conclusions were the same, i.e. "there was no reason to doubt that the dogs were purebred Labrador Retrievers." Every K-9 in its genes had complete history of its ancestors going all the way back to wolves.

Everything written about the silver labs is based upon speculation. One statement that is commonly made is that there had to have been a Weimeraner introduced into the bloodlines to produce the silver color. This statement has been proven false. UC Berkley studied the genetic makeup of the silver lab against that of the Weimeraner, Researchers concluded that it was not the same.

So yes, Silver labs are pure bred Labrador Retrievers and their ancestry is beyond reproach.

Here is a link on the Black and Tan Labradors and Brindle Labradors that ARE Purebred dogs.

http://puppyintraining.com/black-and-tan-labrador-retriev ers/

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I have a black and tan male. Mother was a black lab and the father was a chocolate, all his brothers and sisters were solid black and brown and one yellow(forget the sex) He is a model lab and akc registered with a solid family tree of pure breed labs. No coon hound jumped the fence and got at his mommy, hes a genetic abnormality in color only. I feel the same about the silver labs

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You can believe what you want about silver labradors, but the parent club that created the Labrador Standard (not the AKC or any other organization) does not recognize the color because traditionally, silver was not a naturally occurring color. AKC documents pedigrees only. If a Weim was bred to a lab, and the breeder put that that dad was a lab not the weim, it will indeed have an impeccable pedigree showing it's a purebred lab. AKC doesn't police litter registrations.

Rescue silvers from the pound, but do not support breeders who breed them.

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I have a black lab (female) who delivered (10) pups one of them is a brindle,the others are choc. and black. the father was choc. the interesting part is some of them show I call tan on parts of their bodies, they are all pure labs. Thanks Chuck & Patty Sheckler, Dover NH