Differences between american and english labrador

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Barked: Fri Dec 26, '08 6:16am PST 
hi there!
I own a Lab mix named Spot.
I love labs and I am hoping on getting a purebred lab some day.
However I need to know the differences between american and english labs.I have looked in books but found nothing.I have tried finding more info from the net but I only managed to get confused since I saw photos of stocky labs saying that they are english and then I read that the stocky ones are the american ones!

I think that I need a little help!puppy

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Barked: Mon Dec 29, '08 8:28pm PST 

All the info you need.............

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Barked: Wed Jan 7, '09 8:31pm PST 
The site provided is good but there are some errors. There is actually a large difference in the English and American labs. Most obvious difference is size. English labs are a bit shorter and a lot more muscular looking. Most Americans are taller and don't quite have as muscular build. English Labs also come is a few more colors than Americans, there are the traditional Yellow, Black and Chocolate, and then there are also Red and Silver. English Labs will also have a more "Blocky" looking head. In addition to looks American Labs are more of a show dog than a working dog, in England the Labs are used in field trials, although it is becoming more popular with American Labs as well. Both the English and American Labs make great family dogs, they are extremly loyal and love to play. They make great hunting companions and are comfortable in water and strong swimmers. They are also great with kids and other dogs.

A great breeder with an Excellent reputation is the Pro K9 Academy in California. Susan and Ken Welch run the academy and have several pure breed English labs of their own, I am very greatfull for the training they have given to both my dogs. On occasion they have a litter of English Labs available with Excellent blood lines and all the papers, history of the Sire and the Dame, disposition, you name it. Their website is: www.prok9academy.com

I am sure they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have as well, they were a huge help to me.


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Barked: Thu Jan 8, '09 10:07am PST 
AKC does not recognize any colors other than Yellow, Chocolate and Black. The supposed "reds" are a variation of the Yellow, and the so-called "silvers" are a Weim/Lab mix.

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Barked: Thu Jan 8, '09 9:56pm PST 
You are correct red labs are a variation of the yellow, however you will only find this variation in the English blood lines. Silver are NOT a mix of Weimaraner, they are actually a variation of Chocolate Labs. Here is an article written from the AKC:
http://www.silverlabs.com/controversy.htm#AKC%20Stance%20on%20 Silver%20Labs

And here is one for the Red labs, Know in England as Fox Red Pointing Labradors:

and another


There has been alot of controversy over the years but it is only a matter of time before the AKC will recognize these variations already accepted in England.
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Barked: Wed Feb 18, '09 10:51am PST 
The red is a yellow lab, this has always been an acceptable variation of the red. The silver is basically a washed out chocolate. At this time the AKC will not register this color & does not have any plans to consider it in the future. The website quoted is a silver lab breeders website & not AKC.
Both colors have always been around. Along with brindles, spots & labs that have two of the lab colors mixed throughout their bodies. The red is perfectally acceptable as it is simply a dark yellow. The silver is not acceptable & should not be bred for. However, uninformed buyers/breeders are suddenly breeding & buying "Rare" colors rather than focusing on improving the breed as a whole so you are seeing ads for these dogs all over the web. Accidents do happen. You can breed two labs & have odd markings/colors show up. These dogs should be sold as pets with a spay/neuter requirement in the contract. They are perfectly good dogs that will be wonderful members of your family.

Here is a website showing many different mismarkings in labs. http://www.woodhavenlabs.com/mismarks.html

Here is one that talks about color genetics in the lab

The American lab is a long lean taller built lab. Generally they have narrower heads, longer snouts & longer ears. They are long legged & generally higher energy so that they can hunt all day long.

The English lab is what you see in the show ring. Shorter legged, rounder chest/rib cage, blockier head & shorter muzzled.

I own one of each. Crosby is my American bred lab, Firesides Twilight Princess is my English lab that I have started showing in conformation. You can look at both of my labs to see the difference, although my puppy is only a couple months old in her photos so the difference is not real obvious right now.

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Barked: Mon Mar 2, '09 5:41pm PST 
Where are you people getting your information. Lab retrievers only come in YELLOW, BLACK, AND CHOCOLATE. In the "Animal Planet Lab Retriever " book it states that there are no such thing as silver labs. I'm a black lab. My father was decent from the English lab, which is show quality and big block heads, and my mother is of the american decent. English version is shorter and the American is taller. I'm taller than my mommy's coworkers labs and this person's lab is a show dog and of the English decent.
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Barked: Tue Mar 3, '09 9:37am PST 
You may have noticed that most of the posts here said that Silver is not a real color. It is a washed out chocolate. In other words a mis-mark. I've seen black & tan labs along with other strange colors that suddenly pop up, from reputable breeders that are breeding purebred registered labs. These are called Mis-marks. There are mismarks in every single breed. Dobermans have whites, Rotties have brindles, etc... These colors are not registerable and are not considered correct for the breed. Therefore would not be listed in a book.
I get my information from breeders that have been involved in the breed for decades or generations. Also from the AKC, judges, etc... Books can only cover so much.

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Barked: Sat Apr 25, '09 6:30pm PST 
My mom thinks I'm an English lab. I'm short and stocky with a large head (droopy jowls too - great for making a mess when I drink water!) I've seen pure bred American labs and they are quite a bit taller than me! And skinny through out - where as the English are short, muscular and "thick" all around. smile Mom says labs are labs in her eyes - nothing beats labby love!

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Barked: Mon Apr 27, '09 7:28am PST 
Sawyer is the best of both worlds. His dam is a field bred yellow lab. And his dad is a chocolate english bred Lab. Sawyer is from a oops purebred litter.

He's got the energy of a field Lab. He is in no way a couch potato. But he is shorter and has a blockier head thank most field Labs.

Oh and saying the fox red doesent come in field bred Labs is bull. Sawyers uncle is a purebred fox red FIELD Lab.
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