Industructable toys

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Molly Moo

Barked: Sat Feb 27, '10 10:58am PST 
Big Nylabones are a must! I think we have 4 laying around right now.

The only other toy Molly is allowed unsupervised is her Buster Cube. She hasn't been able to destroy it yet and eats several meals a week out of it. She also eats kibble from one of these: http://www.amazon.com/Premier-Pet-Waggle-Medium-Large/dp/B0002I0RTY/ ref=pd_sim_k_13
I'm surprised that she hasn't torn it to pieces since it's the sort of rubber that she likes to chew on, but it's survived 6 months so far!

We have black kongs and intend to check out the new blue ones. http://www.entirelypets.com/kongblue.html

Anything stuffed is ruined in minutes, so all of her stuffed toys come from the salvation army and don't cost more than $2.
Harley &- Rubi

me, me, me it's- all about me!!
Barked: Fri May 27, '11 11:00pm PST 
I have a labrador and a bullmastiff/rottweiler mix. I have been buying the nylabones for heavy chewers. They are great. The only downfall is that when they chew it up sometimes there will be a small piece on the floor and if you step on that or the actual bone it will hurt your feet.

I have been using them for 8 years and they usually last for a year. Nylabone is a great company. I had one problem and they were very concerned and they sent us 3 new ones and have never had another problem. I really believe that they are a great company that backs up there product. Give it a try it might save a shoe big grin

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Barked: Sun Aug 21, '11 8:05pm PST 

I haven't tried any of these, but I am going to. Our labs destroy every and any thing they can get a hold of. We had a pet store in our area that was going out of business so I got some pretty tough toys, I will post some pictures in our profile


Barked: Sat Sep 3, '11 8:52pm PST 
We wasted a lot of money on supposedly "durable" toys for Holly. The only ones that last for her are kongs and a huge bone-shaped nylabone. For fun I give her large grape juice containers to chase around the yard until the plastic begins to get holes-then I take it away and give her a new one.

Professional- sock burglar
Barked: Sun Nov 20, '11 8:36pm PST 
Steel isn't a power chewer, so we don't really have a problem. But you should try out the black Kong, it's stronger than the red ones.

I would also look into Antler Chews. They are real deer antlers, but ones that have been shed naturally by the deer, so they are cruelty free. They don't stain, smell, or break off in shards. They last a long time, and are great for power chewers. You can find them online or at your local natural pet shop. Steel has had hers for a few months, and there are barely teeth marks in it. A friend of mine has a Bulldog who is a chewer, and I bought her an Antler Chew the same day I bought Steel's, and it's been worn down, but it's still there at their house!

To piggie back off of Bosefus (I think) giving a dog real bones/carcass are dangerous. Pieces of the bone can break off into very VERY sharp pieces, and can lodge in your pup's stomach and puncture organs. Which can cause serious problems, even death.

Barked: Sun Jan 20, '13 10:28am PST 
Kong and Rogz toys work for my dogs. Bruce's had his Rogs rubber bone for 5y now, and Ziva managed to destroy every single toy we got for her until we found Kong toys. smile
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