Hi, can you please help me identify my breed? Japanese Chin?

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Hi there!

We bought our dog a few years ago as a tiny puppy (he fit in the palm of my hand) and we were told he's a chihuahua, but as he grew up he started to show a lot of traits of the Japanese Chin, and none of the classic Chihuahua characteristics!

Either way, we love him dearly, but are curious to see if he's maybe a mix, with Chin and Chihuahua at least.

Here are some of the reasons I think he's a Chin..

He's colored like a Chin.

His temperament is much more like the Chin descriptions that I have read than Chihuahua..

He LOVES to meet new people, he rarely barks, he is obsessed with licking, he's extremely clean, he uses his front paws to clean himself, to hold things, to play with things etc (a lot like a cat).

He's not a "one person dog".. he loves my wife and I equally and like I said, he loves strangers.. never suspicious.

He is extremely easy to train.. knows more tricks and words and even sentences than I can count.

He has a pug face.

He loves to walk on two legs, and does the classic "Chin Spin" all the time when he's happy.

Here's a video of him.. He has shorter hair than other Chins, and is only 5 pounds, which is why I think he might be mixed.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPbFR9_dqk4&feature=related

Thanks !

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Hi there,
As an owner of 2 chihuahuas and a chin I can definitely confirm you have a ..... CHIHUAHUA! Dingo looks a lot like my older short hair Chi, DeeDee. They do share the buggy eyes and almost puggy face like a chin but you have a VERY CUTE Chihuahua for sure.

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Looks all chihuaha to me too. He has a great little apple head and short snout, just adorable! Sounds like you really lucked out with such an incredible personality in the little guy. If you really want to know though dog breed DNA testing isn't expensive and can give you his history back 5 generations.

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As an owner of both Chi's and Chins,I lean more to the Chin...or at least a mix of Chi and Chin.It sounds lije you lucjed out with all the good points of each breed.Chins too,have apple heads.sounds lije one lucky pup,and you lucked out too! Enjoy him,and he will give you unconditional love!