How much grooming/shedding for chins?

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Hello Chin owners!

I am hoping to soon become the owner of a Japanese Chin too (a one year old female). The breed is new to me and I am pretty excited about it!

Because I've read different things, I was hoping you could tell me your experience with grooming and shedding.

Besides regular brushing, do you find the need to trim your dog (professional groomer) regularly or do you let your dog's coat grow and shed naturally?

Is the shedding year-round or seasonal? Difficult to manage?

I don't think any answer will change my mind about getting the dog! But I am just preparing.

Thanks so much for your feedback. I hope to soon add my dog to your group!

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I might not be the best one to answer this because I've only had my chin since last December, but he does seem to shed a fair amount. It seems to be about as much as my cats.

As for professional grooming, I don't let Griffin's coat get long. I know chins are supposed to be full and fluffy with the big ruff of hair at the chest, but the breed is pretty suspectible to heat and I live in Georgia. Griffin will never be a show dog either, and I don't like cleaning poop out of butt fur! I get him groomed about once a month or every 6 weeks. I get him trimmed down pretty close. He still has his "sacred chrysanthemum tail" and his feathers on his front legs, but everything else gets cut down pretty closely. Chin purists will probably consider this sacreligious.