Jack Russell suddenly marking my Italian Greyhound's bed!

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Barked: Mon Feb 6, '12 1:59pm PST 
My JRT is 12 years old, neutered. My Italian Greyhound is almost 15. About six or seven months ago, my IG's eyesight and hearing started to go and now she is completely deaf and blind. She gets around fine, but sometimes runs into things (it seems to upset us more than it does her). She and my JRT have been really good buddies since they were young, and he always let her be the dominant dog (he waited until she was done eating before he would eat, etc.). Now, over the past few months, I've caught the JRT "marking" our Italian Greyhound's bed. WHY? He has always been perfect in his housetraining. When this first started happening, we assumed it was our IG, but now we've caught him several times. Why is he doing this and what should we do about it? Is it related to my IG's sudden frailty? Thanks for any insight.