Anyone have a JRT that died of bloat?

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I'm having a hard time with the sudden death of my 7 month old puppy, Dobby. Last Friday we dropped him of at a pet sitter's for a a weekend ski trip. Saturday morning, the sitter called to tell me he had dies sometime overnight and the x-rays has shown it was due to bloat.He NEVER had any symptoms at home before and I am just racked with guilt that it was stress that caused him to bloat. I also thought he would have made some noise in the middle of the night, but none of the other dogs woke up. I know I'll never know, but just wanted to see if anyone else has gone through this.

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That's very sad..
http://pets.webmd.com/dogs/gastric-volvulus-bloat-dogs-life-t hreatening-emergency?page=2
Preventing Bloat

Dogs who respond to nonsurgical treatment have a 70 percent chance of having another episode of bloat. Some of these episodes can be prevented by following these practices:

Divide the day’s ration into three equal meals, spaced well apart.
Do not feed your dog from a raised food bowl.
Avoid feeding dry dog food that has fat among the first four ingredients listed on the label.
Avoid foods that contain citric acid.
Restrict access to water for one hour before and after meals.
Never let your dog drink a large amount of water all at once.
Avoid strenuous exercise on a full stomach.