My Dog Is Jealous Of Small Childeren???

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Barked: Sat Apr 9, '11 8:54pm PST 
My JRT is an very happy and loving companion to everyone here in this house hold. She loves my daughter to death, but when she comes to close to me, or touches me in ANY way and my dog sees it... well she comes to get in my lap or get in between me and the child.

I have seen this behavior before from dogs being jealous of other dogs getting their attention, but never a child. And its ONLY small children she does this with. I mean it's like clock work. And its getting to the point that I almost have to scold her with a firm voice before she will back down.

But then she looks like I just crushed her world and now I have to go pet the dog for fear that I may have hurt here feelings, lol.

I'm a sucker for a JRT looking at you like that. Can't help it. But my daughter is starting to dislike the dog because of this behavior now. (can't say I blame her). Is there any steps I should or should not take to stop this behavior? I mean it's not like I can just stop showing my kid attention to spare Sosha's jealousy. Geez... confused