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Barked: Sat Sep 13, '08 10:26am PST 
Does anyone have a JRT that is really scared of thunderstorms? What do you do to help them through this scary time?

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Barked: Thu Sep 18, '08 4:50am PST 
Pogo is a JRT Chihuahua cross and she's utterly terrified of thunderstorms. So much so she trembles uncontrollably, starts panting heavily, her little eyes bug out of her head and she will not be comforted. She even tries to hide. Last time we went to the vet I told the vet and we discussed medication. So now Pogo has medication. Yesterday a storm was predicted and I gave her the half tablet she was prescribed. She was out to it (very sleepy) in around 30 minutes. The storm didn't eventuate, but I'm hoping this will help her. I really feel for Sparky if he gets as terrified as Pogo does. hug hug

Barked: Sun Nov 11, '12 7:41pm PST 
I thought maybe JRTs weren't worried by thunder as we have had six of them and none has been at all worried. However, I had an Australian Terrier who was terrified.


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Barked: Sun Jan 6, '13 5:53pm PST 
My female JRT is also terrified of thunder (as well as fireworks and even the gunfire from the video games played by my husband). She is inconsolable and shakes and hides outside (weird since we have a doggy door she can let herself out). We have tried everything from holding her to crating her and she's freaked out so badly she's eaten through a metal crate. I recently saw an advertisement for the Thunder Shirt and it does seem to help a lot. However... on the worst days (thunder or fireworks for hours) we do have to give her a little anxiety medication prescribed by our vet.

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Barked: Sun Jan 13, '13 2:01am PST 
I try not to laugh but he follows me around like a puppy (he's 8 years old)and this is even before the 1st clap of thunder! Then he goes straight into the shower recess looking very worried. He walks out and paces up and down the hallway and my hallway is long so he does a lot of pacing before heading back to either the shower recess or sitting down almost under my foot.