How much do JRT's usually weigh?

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Barked: Fri Mar 21, '08 4:34pm PST 
Scraps is a JRT mix and he often has playdates with a cream-coat shiba inu (who are genetically skinny)... it's hard to tell if scraps needs to go on a diet or not because he's short-legged and more muscular so it just makes him look bigger. How much does your jack weigh and how big is he/her?

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Barked: Sun Mar 23, '08 10:00am PST 
I have a house full of Jrts (have for years). Finding the proper weight can sometimes be a little bit difficult for some people.
General rule of thumb regardless of body style is you should be able to easily feel the ribs but not see them, when look down upon your dog they should have a waist behind the ribs and they should have a bit of a tuck up behind the ribs when looking at them from the side.
A good guide line for weight for any breed or type of dog is at the Purina website, they have a outline that is excellent.
Good luck

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Barked: Wed Mar 26, '08 12:18pm PST 
my 5 yr old jack is not the short legged type. He weighs 12 lbs


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Barked: Tue May 6, '08 8:20pm PST 
im 15lbs!

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Barked: Mon May 19, '08 12:57am PST 
i'm a year and 4 months old and im 15 lbs
short legged JRT cheer
Sadie Rue

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Barked: Sat May 24, '08 7:18pm PST 
I weigh 13.4 lb (not a Puddin either)
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Barked: Fri Jun 20, '08 7:21pm PST 
I am technically a Puddin' (by 3/4") and I weigh between 11 & 12 pounds in competition weight.

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Barked: Thu Aug 7, '08 3:59pm PST 
jrt are supposed to weigh between 15 to 18 lbs.

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Barked: Fri Aug 8, '08 12:39pm PST 
General rule of thumb, for every inch the jrt is tall the weight should be 1 lb - l 1/2 lbs. Of course that also can vary on body style. Of course that is a dog that isn't over weight and is fit.
A registered JRTCA 10 inch bitch could weigh as little as just over 10lbs or as heavy as 12 lbs etc.
I have a 10 inch bitch that weighs just over 10 lbs, nice little girl for hunting groundhogs, but certainly isn't a draw dog.

Barked: Sat Aug 9, '08 2:03pm PST 
I weigh 22lbsbig grin I think JRTz aren't recognized over here because there is such a variety in the breed (weight, size, color). Since the AKC recognizes only the longer legged Jacks (Parson Russell) I agree with Petie on being able to feel the ribs. Every dog is differentbig grin

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