West Chicago Suburbs Playdate

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Wanna Race?
Barked: Wed Mar 21, '07 5:11pm PST 
Hi guys and girls and iggys,
Well today was the first day of Spring so we have made a playdate. It will be in Saint Charles at the Campton Hills Dog park on Saturday April 14th (weather permiting) at 1pm. There are 2 areas for the dogs to play, one is for the big dogs and is grassy and the other is for small dogs and is woodchips but has a few agility things in it. Here are some links and directions. http://www.st-charlesparks.org/links/camptonhillspark.htm
http://ww w.st-charlesparks.org/links/southwestmap.htm

If you have any questions paw mail me and if you can't make it please pass it on to other iggy owners! Hope to see you there!!