Advice on the Irish Setter breed

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Hi everyone,

Can you give me info on the Irish Setter breed? Mostly about their personalities and trainability.

Thank you!

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Hi there!
I grew up with two beautiful Irish Setters, Danny and Luke big grin
They were both so different in personality its hard to say whats the norm almost :-P
Generally they were active dogs, taken for long walks several times a day - they were exitable, friendly, and cheerful!
They have a wicked sense of humor and will parade your underwear around the house and anything else personal of yours from the trash can! ahah

Danny was the alfa dog of the two and was alot more fiesty and demanding. Whereas Luke, my favorite, was super sweet and gentle hearted. He assumed he was a lap dog and always found time to cuddle smile

Over all they are beautiful dogs, but be prepared to exercise them plenty, have time to groom their lovely coats and expect alot of irish flair!!

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oh and, about their training:

Both went to puppy classes and did really well. We trained with the clicker method and unless theres a creek involved, they come when called hehe


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Irish Setters are, very often, puppies for life. They are hunting dogs so they have a pretty good prey-drive, love to learn new things, are very smart, easy to train BUT you must KEEP AT IT forever. I have two Irish Setters and they are smart as can be, they still remember tricks I taught them when they were puppies (one called "ferret" where they gently put both paws on my tummy, which I haven't had them perform for years). The problem is they are VERY HIGH ENERGY and need to have something to burn this off, then something to focus their brains on.

Hunting with them is a good idea, I have one (Alucard) who is a born and bred hunter, and sadly we don't hunt, so he brings things home for us. Game birds, small animals, always alive and usually they are fine, I bring them to a rehab center and they are released when deemed healthy.

If you are looking to get one, do your research on them and try to get one from a rescue if you can, www.petfinder.com is a great one. We are considering rehoming Alucard because we know how much happier he would be with a hunting family, but only to just the right people. He is our baby, after all.

Also remember, there is a difference between the "Bench" variety and the "field" variety, both in temper and in look. They are almost two different breeds. The field dogs, like we have, are just what their name implies, field or common dogs. Bench dogs are basically show dogs, longer fur, deeper color, larger frame, mellower attitude, higher price, usually. I don't know as much about bench dogs as I do our field boys aside from what they look like. I've never met one.

Hope that helps, and if you don't mind let me know why you're asking. I can give you more specific information if you ask specific questions, as like I said I have two and my mum has had them for years.