Green tripe - cooked?

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Barked: Wed Mar 6, '13 7:34am PST 
I've been feeding my dogs raw for 9 months. Long story short, my husband - the germaphobe - can not deal with the raw diet and so we are putting them on a homecooked diet instead. I have one allergy (contact environmental) dog and the other is very healthy. I am hoping the homecooked diet helps my allergy dog, as the raw was.

The decision to switch was abrupt, and I had just ordered 5lb of green tripe and 5 lbs of beef offal. I can cook the offal and throw it in the mix, but can I cook the tripe?

Has anyone ever fed cooked tripe?

Also, another question. My dogs did well with a higher bone/meat ratio than the 10% standard (they were getting more like 30-40% and had good solid poops). On cooked their poops are soft, almost runny. Any advice on what may be causing this? To start, we've fed them chicken breast and veggies (75%/25%) and ground pork/brisket blend with veggies (again 75%/25%). They also get kefir, kelp, and ground eggshells.

Thanks so much!

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At least he is willing to let you cook for the dogs. Cooked fresh is better than commercial stuff if you are on top of it all. A little liver, some fatty fish and mostly red meats along with that calcium - right?

Um, a dogster was seriously irritated with her neighbors and did something with green tripe. She left the house while whatever it was was going on. You could cook it outside so you don't gas everybody out of the house. Really I would try to resell the stuff to a local raw feeder.

Too much food and/or too much fat causes soft poop. Unless you make a conscious effort to keep fat down we fresh food feeders are giving a huge amount of fat. And Sassy taught me that overfeeding doesn't always mean a fat dog, sometimes it just gets pooped right out. Max too, he was having softer stool with a bony meal than he ought so I kept offering more bone and the poop never went very firm. Weighed his meals and I was giving him 25% more than I thought I was.

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Try adding pumpkin from a can - not pumpkin pie filling but regular plain pumpkin. I've never tried it (I'm on PMR) but other people say it can make runny poop firm and extra hard poop soft.


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And on that green tripe... if you've ever opened one up from the packaging, you'll be quickly discouraged to cook that thing and let the aroma fill your house. LOL.

You only have 5 lbs... and so, if you feed your dogs 1.5lbs a day, you can give your dog the tripe for the next 3 days then start your cooked meals after that.

Or, you can just sell your tripe to some raw feeder in your town. I'll take it off your hands if you're close to me!

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Barked: Thu Mar 7, '13 4:04am PST 
I would just keep raw feeding and let your husband get over it. However, if you are going to say, "how high" at least finish your raw and change over slowly.

Semper Vorax
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I wouldn't cook the tripe. the whole point of green tripe aside from being super tasty is that there are beneficial bacterias and enzymes. Cooking turns it into a dead food. You will lose so much value in cooking it. I would tell him to get over himself until its gone, honestly. you've had the dogs on raw and there's been no problem. I wouldn't cave to germophobia in this case. He's being unreasonable.

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Yeah - I was wondering about the stink.
I'll just give it away. It's only 5lbs.

Bullie - I'm in Toronto (Canada). Its yours if you're local. smile

Max - thanks. Husband likes to overfeed, poos are better the last couple of days on less meat. Also, I'll cut the ground pork with chicken breast to reduce the fat % a bit.

We do pumpkin occasionally - thanks for the reminder to add that in.

It is what it is. He wore me down. I couldn't stand watching him treat the dogs like they were walking diseases, and not allowing my 9 month old to interact much with them. As long as my allergy dog gets better and stays off the steroids, I'm happy to do homecooked (even though I do believe raw is best).