Are 2 proteins enough??

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I've been cooking for our Miniature Schnauzer for about a year. (And, also sometimes using Honest Kitchen Preference which just requires mixing it with water and adding your own protein of choice)

We began using (4) proteins in rotation. Turkey (no chicken. She has been allergic to chicken for a few years) beef, lamb, and fish.

After watching carefully, I've now concluded she is becoming allergic to turkey. So, we are down to (3) proteins. And,without carrying in a gold bullion to pay for lamb, the only choice I have is a frozen ground lamb which is loaded with fat.
And, schnauzers are to have much less fat than most breeds.

So, I am basically down to (2) proteins. Fish and beef.

Are these enough? I just can't think of other meats that are readily available. My various reads have always said variety is best.

BTW: When I make the meals they consist of about 50% protein, 10% organ meat, and the remaining 40% is various lightly steamed veggies, sometimes, egg, cottage cheese, etc plus the calcium.

Thanks Liz

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If I could only feed one protein beef would be the one. The reason to vary the meats is to prevent allergies from over doing one and hope to avoid deficiencies. You can use nutritiondata.com to figure out where you stand whether you are feeding a single protein or ten proteins. Most fish is low in minerals and vitamins so I choose to feed it for the high omega 3 content rather than a big part of the diet but it is fine to use it and supplement with human grade vitamins and minerals.

Have you gone through Sedona's thread on making up a cooked diet? If you do so you will see where any holes in the diet are and figure out how to change things so the diet is even better.

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It depends on your dog. 2 proteins can be enough especially if you take most of the entire animal. Like, beef meat with beef heart with beef liver with beef kidney, beef lung, etc.

What about pork? And rabbit?