My treats are boring

This is the place to share your best homemade dog food and treat recipes with each other! Remember to use caution if your pet has allergies and to make any diet changes gradually so that your dog's stomach can adjust to the new foods you are introducing.


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Let me just say that my dogs get the very best treats ever made. I make my own usually using dehydrated beef. At first they loved them and now I noticed that it is getting a little boring and they aren't willing to work for it.

I just recently started clicker training and I need treats that will get them more excited. None of the store brand I've ever tried worked for this and I'm very careful with ingredients to avoid allergies with my IBS dog. It looks like I'll be stuck making my own which I'm fine with though I would like some ideas.

I would like treats that have strong scent that varies from one to another. Meat I have the most access to is beef and soon beef liver. All my other meat comes with bone so making treats out of it would be hard. Going to get a box of turkey chunks but it isn't going to be here until next month. If at all possible I would also love to get a fishy smell on something without it costing too much money.

Edit: I have real triple chunk tripe that I'm afraid to put into my dehydrator. Not to mention going through the process of scraping off off all the fat which would seem like a waste of good tripe. Maybe I could soak some beef in with the tripe for awhile and then put that into the dehydrator?

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I found that soft treats work better when you are really shoveling them in during a good clicker training session. I started out making tuna or liver brownies or bread and ended up just shredding strips of cooked pork loin or chicken breast. Since I keep any home made goodies in the freezer anyway it isn't much bother to use fresh cooked stuff rather than drying it.

Liver dehydrates very nicely. The stuff I bought was already sliced even. Just put it on wax paper, dried until it was dry on top, flipped and peeled off the paper and continued drying. If you cook it first it will break up but if you dry raw liver it is easier to use scissors to cut to size. Less rich than liver is lung. Dried raw it doesn't break up the way commercial dried lung does though.

Soaking the meat in tripe juice sounds promising. I sure wouldn't want to scrape raw tripe clean! I would think raw tripe or stomach or intestines would come out too chewy to be good treats anyway.

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Try and cut liver into small bits. Dry them in your oven at low heat till they are all dry. It stinks to humans - but dogs loves it.
Keep in refrigerator.

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Buy frozen tripe pellets and defrost. Not really that stinky. If you want to go with something you don't make, these are not exactly processed food. Otherwise soft cookies broken into little bits made with peanut butter or bacon or canned tuna.

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I'm going to try liver next week. Last night I used turkey, tripe favored beef that did stink a bit while cooking. Fish favored beef and what my dog liked the most was apple cider vinegar favored beef and turkey.

I have yet to find a dog that didn't love my homemade treats. Even the really picky ones. It would seem mines is just getting bored of it. Looking forward to seeing how the liver turned out. Also considering making some mint cookies.

Just for the record, despite all the different treats she still didn't enjoy the clicker training. I'm always looking for new tools to use while training and I'm thinking the clicker is a completely different from the treat, voice and toy training she is use to where she follows directions and is rewarded by following. Clicker, the way we learned it the dog is suppose to find out themselves what to do to get the treat. That is why I'm really trying hard to raise the value of these treats.