home cook with Dr. H's veg-to-bowl - for liver damage

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I am needing to simplify things for a bit. I have a health condition and just started a new treatment... plus I was sort of thrown quickly into the "home cook" pot and don't feel educated enough on proper nutrients just yet...

Grace's health condition called for some quick changes.... and so one day she was eating dog food and now we are home cook... I don't mind it, they like it better... but I worry.

I was told to make a bunch of food and freeze it. But Gracie won't eat veggies that have been cooked, frozen, and thawed. She just won't. So I end up wasting food and having to make more food. She isn't in a place where I can let her go without if she chooses not to eat...she has to eat.

So I looked at Dr. Harvey's Veg-To-Bowl mix.... Does anyone use this? I got some today to try... it has all the veggies Grace's vet recommends she gets each week (beets are great for liver dogs).... Plus it has some vitamins added to it so thinking that will help me feel more secure in feeding until I can do more research.

Thinking I just add this to some grain and protein....

Just wanted to know if anyone has used this?

Any supplements that can be added to home cook to cover all possible missing needs?

She cannot have organ meats. She's on a low protein diet due to liver damage.

Just worried she (and my other dog, Gus) is not getting all she needs to get....

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Is it just watching how much protein goes in that is the problem or are there particular vitamins and minerals that need to be at a certain level? Dr H fails to provide an analysis of the product.

I would try one of The Honest Kitchen formulas as they are AAFCO labeled and also made of dehydrated veggies and such. There are very nice analysis of each product online too.

If she won't eat frozen veggies why do you think she will eat dried then hydrated veggies?

I precooked Sassy's chicken, packed it in daily bits and froze it and cooked daily. Cooking, boning and chopping the chicken was the hard part and she sure liked the smell of freshly cooked food. Or cook every few days, I could hold food for 4 days in the refrigerator, perhaps you could cook every 2, 3, 4 days.