Does anyone else here make their own raw? Would like to compare recipes!

This is the place to share your best homemade dog food and treat recipes with each other! Remember to use caution if your pet has allergies and to make any diet changes gradually so that your dog's stomach can adjust to the new foods you are introducing.


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Hi guys!

I've recently started making my own raw food for my 6 year old pitbull, Blu. He has a lot o allergies and recurring ear infections and after s bunch of switches, raw seems to be the best thing.

The cost is astronomical, though, so I've began making my own. Just wanted to see what other people use in theirs? I've been finding it difficult to find good recipes/info on it.


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I would give you mine, but a 7lb dog is so different than a larger one like you have! She gets things like chicken wings that are a bit of a choking hazard for larger dogs (not that they can't have them, but a word of caution with them!). She also can't chew through some of the bones that you will probably feed. Like beef rib bones: she can get the meat off, but forget about doing much to the actual bone! So hopefully someone will come by with a similar sized dog as well!

Though some things are the same despite size: I give an egg once in a while, supplement daily with fish oil and cranberry (she has a urinary problem). Canned sardines and oysters are supposed to be good, though I haven't personally tried them yet. Green tripe, also most commonly found in a can is also considered a good meal. Similar to an egg in the fact that it is considered nutritionally whole.
So probably stuff you already read, and not really what you are looking for except for the egg/green tripe for occasional meals... Good luck!

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Thanks Daisy!

My guy is allergic to chicken (and almost everything else, for that matter... haha) so I usually do a food that's something like this...

1 lb regular ground beef (heard the fat was good for them)

.5 lb organ meat (kidneys, liver, heart, sometimes tripe, etc)

.5 lb assorted fruit/veg (apples, zucchini, spinach, carrots etc)

3 eggs (whole w/shell)

.5 c ground chia seeds (for omega 3 AND 6s)

1 c plain yogurt

.5 c apple cider vinegar

Basically just mix it all together, portion it out & freeze it. Dog LOVES it, but he has been losing weight since I switched him - otherwise he looks great. Oh, and I mean losing weight in a bad way, he wasn't overweight before. Trying to think of more fatty things to add? I've been putting a drizzle of olive oil or a spoonfulk of coconut oil on it lately.

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You might want to post on the Raw food forum


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A lot of the people here who feed raw, use a formula % for meat, bone, and organ. Most feed a whole prey type diet that doesn't include any fruit or vegetables, dogs are carnivores and don't really need to eat plant food.

If you go to the raw forum, you can find a down loadable spread sheet that will help you get your diet balanced and nutritionally complete. A lot of the raw feeders give "parts" not ground meat. Some even feed whole pray, rabbit, chicken..... bone is an important part of the diet too, if you don't want to feed raw bones, cooked are dangerous, you may need to add bone meal to your food.
About your allergies, a lot of dogs who are allergic to cooked processed chicken, beef etc find they can eat the raw types just fine. It might be something to look into in the future.

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Flicka & Fritz - thanks guys. And I suppose this would be more appropriate in the raw forum, hey?

Moving it over! Thanks again for your input. And Fritz - very interesting about the allergies. I know a similar phenemenon occurs in humans sometimes. I hope this is the case as chicken is the easiest/most economical protein for me to feed!