You Bake 'Em Dog Biscuts

This is the place to share your best homemade dog food and treat recipes with each other! Remember to use caution if your pet has allergies and to make any diet changes gradually so that your dog's stomach can adjust to the new foods you are introducing.


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Barked: Wed Jun 27, '12 5:32am PST 
Hi - we were given this recipe book (I think it also includes bone-shaped cookie cutters) for Christmas and I still haven't used it yet.

Anyone have this book, and can you recommend a good recipe for making at-home treats? smile

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Barked: Wed Jun 27, '12 6:27pm PST 
I think I might have the same book, of course there are many I am sure. Look for a recipe with peanut butter and cheerios. Little messy but all the dogs I gave them to loved them.