balanced diet? (boiled chicken and carrots)

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Ra has a history of reigniting an old ulcer from eating hard or crunchy foods... so I've been laying off the Evo for quite awhile. For the past year, I've been making her diced boiled chicken breast mixed with boiled carrots. Occasionally, I'd throw in some diced beef. Other than this, I give her some bread foods for treats. :O

I also give her a small slice of a gummy bear multivitamin a couple times a week?

Is this diet alright/effective? What can I do to have a more balanced diet for her? Or if this is a good diet, that would be great to hear. smile

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Well she is doing okay on the diet but you can do better.

Feed more beef, lamb and pork than chicken as red meat is richer in mineral and vitamin content than chicken for one. Beef is especially valuable.

Carrots are fine but you could mix it up and use different kinds of veggies. Try to use veggies that are low calorie like zucchini, broccoli, cabbage and the like.

The most important thing you need to get into the diet is calcium. Usually bone meal with its balanced calcium/phosphorus content is better than egg shell with just calcium but get it in there now. 900 mg of calcium or 1/2 tsp powdered eggshell per pound of meat is about right. Toss in the egg as well, good stuff egg is.

Okay, feeding more red meat and getting the calcium in? Add in just a bit of liver. About 1 ounce per pound of meat used is enough believe it or not.

More meat is good, about 3/4 meat and egg and fish and organ with 1/4 veggies, all by weight.

Using a little fatty fish like salmon, sardines, mackerel is a good idea to boost omega 3 too. Back when Max could eat sardines [give him super gunky ears now] I gave him a couple ounces every other day or so.

Whichever way you go do make the changes slowly and patiently but do get the calcium into the diet now.

If you want to get every last mg and mcg of each and every nutrient into the diet do see Sedona's wonderful thread on how to balance a cooked diet.