How much calcium is too much for my large breed puppy?

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She's a shepard/black lab mix and is about 9wks old and 16 lbs. I think her weight is ok based on an answer I recieved in a previous question. However, I'm worried that her diet may not be well balanced for such a dog her size.
She gets 2 multivitamins a day to supplement her diet of cooked chicken (in 1/2 cup of olive oil), mixed veggies, and brown rice puree (about 1 1/2 cups total a day). She also gets a whole boiled egg (eggshell too) for breakfast and 1/2 a cheese stick at lunch and dinner. Is this too much calcium, not enough? Is the diet balanced?

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I don't know anything specific about feeding a cooked diet to a puppy. On raw food you feed just about the same thing to a pup as to the grown dog. If you expect her to grow to be 50 pounds then you feed her as if she is a 50 pound dog. To accommodate her smaller size you feed many smaller meals per day and if she doesn't want it all fine. If she gets chubby feed less and lanky feed more.

My 38 pound Max needs about 1/2 tsp of egg shell a day for calcium. That is less than one egg shell if it is powdered and the dog absorbs it. Guessing one whole egg shell for a 50 pound dog might be a bit higher than needed but not by too much. Using egg shell doesn't work well to balance the diet though as naturally dogs eat bone so bone meal is a better calcium source for dogs. Even using lots of high phosphorus foods doesn't mean there is enough of that other essential mineral in the diet!

I suspect that is too much calcium but there are also a lot of other minerals and vitamins missing in that diet as well. I doubt that multivitamin/mineral is doing the job well enough for a healthy puppy. That is a huge amount of olive oil, I would be feeding her moderately fat red meat instead of chicken and olive oil. You didn't say how much meat and rice was in the puree. Dogs need mostly meat! If Max had to eat a cooked diet I might look into this sort of thing. Basically 75% by weight of meats, organ, fish, eggs and possibly dairy with 25% by weight cooked and/or pureed low calorie/low glycemic veggies like zucchini and green beans rather than potatoes and carrots. I would further modify by using about 1 ounce of beef liver and 2 ounces of fatty fish like sardine, mackerel or salmon in that pound of meat and I would want the meat to be mostly beef, pork or lamb rather than chicken. If you must use grains for cost or calorie reasons then feed a minimum of 50% meats by raw weight to 50% cooked wet weight of grains and veggies.

Read ing more newsletters about feeding puppies would be a good idea too.