Question about homemade treats

This is the place to share your best homemade dog food and treat recipes with each other! Remember to use caution if your pet has allergies and to make any diet changes gradually so that your dog's stomach can adjust to the new foods you are introducing.

Scooter,- PAWS

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Barked: Fri Oct 21, '11 8:43am PST 
Hi everyone wave I noticed some recipes here for homemade dog treats. Mom has never made anything like that for us but she has noticed when friends give them to us, we LOVVVVVE them! cloud 9

So, here's my question...how long do they stay good for? When we buy them at an expo or get them as a gift, mom isn't sure how long they stay good for. There's never an expiration date wink

She also stores them in the pantry. They are usually what I would call biscuits, somewhat moist.

If you make your own biscuits or treats, how do you save or store them? and more importantly, how long do they last? Thanks in advance way to go

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Barked: Fri Oct 21, '11 9:28am PST 
I consider them to be similar to bread and last about a week or so but I prefer to store in the refrigerator. Check for mold same as you would for your food.

Store them in the freezer for longer storage. I made Max liver jerky and stored it in the freezer for well over a year without any problem.

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Barked: Fri Oct 21, '11 5:01pm PST 
Mabye it might depend on the type of treats. I made Kc pumpkin treats for Halloween and the lasted about a week and a half in a treat jar, but the book didn't say.

Scooter,- PAWS

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Barked: Fri Oct 21, '11 5:28pm PST 
Thanks for the feedback...I never thought about refrigerating or freezing laugh out loud I did check for mold but usually threw them out within two weeks at the latest just in case.

Appreciate you taking the time to respond big grin

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Barked: Fri Oct 21, '11 7:18pm PST 
I make my own treats all the time. It really depends on the ingredients you use. I usually do mine biscotti style. I bake them on one side, then take some from the pan to use for chewy treats. Next I flip the remaining biscuits, bake them some more, then turn the oven off & leave them for a few hours. This makes them extra crunchy & they will last for a month in a regular cookie tin. The softer ones I store in a baggie in the fridge to keep them soft. They will last for about 3 weeks.
Scooter,- PAWS

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Barked: Sat Oct 22, '11 8:30am PST 
Squ'emy...thanks! Mom has noticed we really love homemade treats...now i gotta get her off her butt to try and make em. way to go
Song Shi

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Barked: Sun Oct 23, '11 4:22pm PST 
As long as you refridgerate them, they can be good for up to two weeks. But, as soon as they start to smell funny or get moldy, throw them out! You can also bake large batches and freeze some. Frozen treats stay good for years! Freezing goes for homemade meals, too. However, I never freeze as I LOVE to cook. My dogs are actually getting a little pudgy and I'm going to need to cut back on the treats. I just made them some beef and sweet potato treats. OMG Song Shi and Mengquan almost inhaled them! LOL

The Guardian
Barked: Wed Oct 26, '11 8:18am PST 
I never liked making treats that I have to store in the refrigerator/freezer so I make dry crunchy treats (low temp in the oven to dehydrate them) and I can store them in a jar for up to several months. I had some that I kept for several months before and they were still good after that long.