Balanced home made recipe for my dog.

This is the place to share your best homemade dog food and treat recipes with each other! Remember to use caution if your pet has allergies and to make any diet changes gradually so that your dog's stomach can adjust to the new foods you are introducing.


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Thinking of cooking for my dog but would like a balanced diet. Can anyone share a recipe?

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To make a balanced diet you would need a few recipes for a variety. Since there's a different mix vitamins and minerals in every meat and even a difference in what parts are used. Dr. Pitcairn has a book with a few different recipes this website lists some of them:

Ca lcium is the only tricky part since you can't feed cooked bones. Dr. Pitcairn recommends bone meal instead of soley or mainly egg shells because bone meal has the right balance of calcium to phosphorus while egg shells are almost all calcium. It should be a good quality bone meal, because poor qualities contain lead and other heavy metals. You could also grind your own bones or have them ground at a butchers if you wanted to.


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I think the thing is to get human quality bone meal in a larger health store (you can go online for this). They use bone meal in gardening and so on, you don't want this kind

I used to make raw cat food that was kind of a formula. It was a bit tricky to find bone meal.



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Another balanced calcium-phosphorus supplement is dicalcium phosphate but that is sold in huge bags for livestock supplementing! Unless you use really high phosphorus grains it is hard to get enough phosphorus into a cooked diet. Weird after all the years I worked to reduce it in Sassy's cooked food!

Thanks for the link Adam, got it bookmarked now. So not a fan of healthy powder though, not sure why dogs need lecithin and yeast. Here is one link that has the recipe.

If Max had to eat cooked food I hope I would be able to feed this sort of thing. I would use bone meal instead of egg shell or possibly some of each though.
Mostly red meat like pork, beef and lamb, a little fatty fish, a little liver and cooked mushy veggies for the bulk.

Up to you. Grain is cheaper than veggies and meat. Many dogs do fine with grains.

The right amount to feed is difficult to figure out. Lew Olson suggests starting with 2% the dog's ideal adult weight same as for raw, that would be about 2 cups for a 50 pound dog. With Sassy I started with 20 calories per pound of dog and fed more when that wasn't enough. Max needs about 18 calories per pound, she needed 23 calories per pound! Small dogs generally need more per pound, just put your hands on your dog and judge how the ribs feel.

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Maxwell I'm not sure because I didn't read it but my guess for the yeast (IDK about lecithin) is that it's high in B vitamins since Dr. Pitcairn's recipes have no required organs for extra maybe? If that's the case I'd rather use a better supplement right for the species or better yet organs. They're the cheapest to buy for me anyway lol I wish I could feed more than 10% Lol (for raw diet)