why is there added salt?

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I have 6 holistic books that support raw or homecooked diets and have sample recipes for homecooked. In all 6 books by different authors the homecooked recipes have add 1tsp salt or sea salt. Is the salt for some important reason or just flavor because I thought it would be bad to add salt do diets?

I don't feed homecooked but I just got curious after reading it a 6th time, just surprised any healthy recipe for dogs would include any amount of salt lol..

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Well, all animals do NEED a small amount of salt in their diet to survive. Meat contains it naturally,(and it's sufficient for a raw diet) but the more veggies/grains in the diet, the less likely that the meat alone will have enough.
I suspect though that the salt mostly makes it more palatable- dogs like salt almost as much as humans do.

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for me, added salt is a huge no no. Dogs don't need salt added when they get a proper diet. Dogs don't need salt, yes sodium and iodine, but not salt, it just happens to be the easy way to add sodium and, usually iodine as well. Meats, if the organs are fed as well, have enough of those. I'd leave the salt out, or find a recipe that does not ask for salt.
Me, well no recipe and I do feed raw. Just like i would cook for humans, I know what's needed on a weekly basis and, what my family likes, so I throw some combo they need and like together for each meal. No salt for the dogs and, very little for humans here we don't need it either (a pound of sea salt lasts at least a year around here.)


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Dogs do need sodium and chloride, what table salt is. Both are plentiful in meats but not grains, veggies and fruits. How much meat is in these recipes? Perhaps they are plant heavy? How many servings are these recipes? One teaspoon all by itself is more than 10x the sodium Max needs per day.

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Oh you're right it's for different sizes, like one recipe is for an 80 lb lab, another for under 30 lbs than says 1/4 tsp salt instead of 1tsp. I should have paid better attention! I'm surprised because I thought all food would have enough sodium without needing to add, guess I'm thinking of my own unhealthy diet!!