salmon everyday?

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Barked: Tue Feb 8, '11 2:40pm PST 
i have two small dogs, 15 and 18 lbs. i like to incorporate salmon into their diets, and i know it is really good for them. the problem is if i use the salmon as a main meat for a meal they both get gurgling tummies, however if i use half salmon and half chicken, beef etc they are able to tolerate the salmon. my questions: is this ok to let them have salmon with other proteins daily and question #2 do i still need to supplement calcium if they get salmon daily.........thank you!!!

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If you didn't feed enough bone elsewhere you would need to add in more calcium. Just feed bony chicken and pork?

Salmon is great for omega 3 but isn't high in minerals except for potassium and is as low in most vitamins as chicken. Not sure I would want to feed half salmon to Max. I like to feed about 10% fish and probably could go higher but not 50%. Maybe a diet with 25% fish, 25% chicken and 50% red meat would be good?

Just made up a recipe. While I like the idea, there is such a thing as too much omega 3. About 10x requirement is too much according to NRC and giving Max 20% salmon a day brings it up to nearly that amount.