Canned Sardines

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One Cool Dude
Barked: Mon Dec 6, '10 9:44am PST 
Is it okay to give a dog canned sardines? I feed Adolfo on Acana Grasslands kibble, but he always looks like he wants a sardine when I am eating them. laugh out loud Could I give him one or two or would that bother his stomach?

Spooky Mulder
Barked: Mon Dec 6, '10 9:58am PST 
Oh Adolfo, you are one lovely Dogo!

Yes, sardines are totally fine to give. I plop a can into Mulder's meals every now and again, and have several times given him an entire meal of them when I was too forgetfully/lazy to thaw anything out.
Mackenzie- CGC TDI DSA

Why sit when you- can lie down?
Barked: Mon Dec 6, '10 10:20am PST 
Absolutely! When I fed kibble I used to give the pups a can or so of sardines every week. They love 'em!


How You Doin'?
Barked: Mon Dec 6, '10 12:28pm PST 
Chance gets 2 low-sodium sardines packed in spring water every day instead of fish oil.

She has a fairly tender tummy and hasn't experienced any problems.

She loves her sardines!
Allee, Bama,- and Brodie- Bear!

Roll Tide- Roll!!! ;)
Barked: Mon Dec 6, '10 10:39pm PST 
Yep, we give either sardines or canned salmon a few days a week.

I will split the can of sardines between my three doggies on top of their kibble.
CGC Diego

I love my peeps!-
Barked: Tue Dec 7, '10 8:08pm PST 
We also supplement our Acana/Avoderm/Taste of the Wild kibble with sardines and/or canned salmon sporadically. I always make sure to get the ones packed in spring water, figured I should skip the olive oil. Also make sure you get the ones with bones--they provide extra calcium! big grin

My Chi mix has a relatively sensitive stomach and I've never noticed any problems after eating sardines.

Will Pose For- Food!!!!!!
Barked: Tue Dec 7, '10 10:04pm PST 
See my sardine recipe thread just a little lower down; as well as the Vitamin D thread. There are incredible benefits to feeding sardines that you just can't get with any other food. My recipe fits a 5-6 pound dog, adjust accordingly...he gets it twice a week to balance other recipe and to provide variety on a regular basis; sardines are in water and I include the water. Oils are good for dogs, tho, they need a good bit more fat than we do!!