Birthday Cake for Dogs and Humans?

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Remington- ::Remy::

The Nose Knows!
Barked: Mon Nov 9, '09 9:25pm PST 
Hey guys, I'm just wondering if you have a recipe for a cake that would be safe for both dogs and humans to eat. And if you do, does it really taste good to us? lol Thanks guys! Oh, and it is for Remy's birthday. She will be 1 on christmas!

Barked: Mon Nov 9, '09 9:49pm PST 
I found this bit of information for you:

"Dogs can eat nearly anything that humans can without too much disturbance to their digestive systems. However, when it comes to dog birthday cakes, there is one factor of which to be aware. A luscious chocolate cake might seem like a terrific idea, especially if you intend to share with your pooch, but you should be aware that chocolate is slightly toxic to dogs and will likely make your pet sick if you use the real thing. If you're convinced the birthday pup wants chocolate, then substitute carob instead. Carob dog birthday cakes are nearly as good as real chocolate cake, and you can still have a slice to celebrate with your furry friend."
Remington- ::Remy::

The Nose Knows!
Barked: Mon Nov 9, '09 9:53pm PST 
Ahh, I have heard of carob before... but I didn't know you could just substitute your chocolate for it... thanks!

Angelica- (6/6/95-6/24- /10)

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Barked: Fri Nov 20, '09 5:45pm PST 
These cakes are so delicious, even the humans can/will enjoy! Made with Peanut Butter. Puffed Rice, Egg, Butter, Carob, Yogurt and a Peanut Butter Coating.

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Barked: Sat Nov 21, '09 1:15pm PST 
Yesterday was Bella's first birthday I made the dogs pup cakes They really liked it I tried a little bit of it and it tasted pretty good.

Instead of kong liver paste I mix peanut butter with plain yogurt the icing was really good too.. I added a little bit of water to the mix too it seemed a bit dry and I added 2 eggs instead of one it baked just fine.

It had a pretty good taste and my dad even took one of the pupcakes and ate it with butter on it. lol

It made me I think 6 or 8 pupcakes I forgot, but you can make it as a cake or a cupcake either way..

http://www.illovich.com/yoshi/pages/happy_1st_birthday_tsuk i.html