Food dehydrator Help!

This is the place to share your best homemade dog food and treat recipes with each other! Remember to use caution if your pet has allergies and to make any diet changes gradually so that your dog's stomach can adjust to the new foods you are introducing.

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Williamsburg- 's Annie

I love my Mom!
Barked: Sat Nov 24, '07 7:09pm PST 
Hi mommy bought a food dehydrator tonight and wanted to make us some treats. Can anyone give us recipes or suggestions? We would like to make jerky and fruit snacks. I'm hungry so please help Mom.

All you need is- love :)
Barked: Sat Nov 24, '07 8:09pm PST 
Ooooh, I am jealous. I want one too. I would be putting everything in there to make treats. I want to make chicken jerky...

Sorry, not much help... did you try doing an internet search for recipes?

http://www.dogster.com/forums/Home_Prepared_Food_Recipes /thread/462201

from a previous thread on this topic might help smile
Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

Love is never- being told you'- naughty!
Barked: Sun Nov 25, '07 4:47am PST 
Didn't the dehydrator come with instructions? Just make sure that you don't add salt to anything and you should be fine. I don't think you need to do anything other than follow the instructions for the dehydrating time. Goodluck. Mummy has told daddy that she wants one for Christmas!cheer


"Throw the ball- already!"
Barked: Sun Nov 25, '07 7:03am PST 
Dehydrated sweet potatoes are a GREAT snack!
NuNu - {Nubert- Nubinsky}

adopt a shelter- dog!!
Barked: Sun Nov 25, '07 9:11pm PST 
mom got a great deal on locally raised grass fed beef liver, hearts and tounge, so were going to get a dehydrater tomorrow smile
Aina- Aloysius de- LeMaitre

work hard, play- hard
Barked: Mon Nov 26, '07 10:57am PST 
If you're dehydrating meat, organs, or fish, then you'll want to put the dehydrator far away from you and pets. Keep it away from you because of the smell (the organs and fish wreak) and away from pets because of the temptation to bust right into that 'good' smelling stuff. You'd be surprised at the outdoor critters that may try coming indoors if they smell that dehydrator drying out beef heart or other 'goodies.'

ah..finally a- good life...
Barked: Mon Nov 26, '07 11:00am PST 
you can add salt, just not alot...salt will help bring out the moisture too....but a teeny sprinkle is good.... did you get my pmail?
Badger- Hunter's- Little- Smokie

Come closer!- Have U been dog- approved?
Barked: Mon Nov 26, '07 1:29pm PST 
We got a dehydrator. In our instruction booklet, it says that wild game, pork and all poultry products should bee cooked prior to dehydrating. Beef , fruits, and veggies it says are OK to do raw.

I think they assume that you will be marinating them in a brine or solution of some sort. All that salt helps dry out the meat and helps to kill nasties on there. We do not marinate our meat in anything bee-cause Mom says all that salt isn't good fur us.

Our dehydrator has a thermostat that we set the temperature. Meat should be dried at least 160 degress (per our book). That also helps kill the nasties.

We have successfully dried a London Broil and rump roast. Use very lean cuts of beef with all visible fat trimmed off (will spoil and go rancid), have the butcher cut the meat very thin. Mom even sliced one London Broil herself (the meat was frozen when she sliced it). Didn't take the entire 4 hours the book said bee-cause we didn't brine it, it was cut thin and she didn't overload the trays.

We have also tried turkey twice. Furst time, she bought a turkey breast, cooked it and tried to slice it with her meat slicer. It didn't work very well and we had little turkey bits bee-cause it fell apart. Our second try with the turkey was Saturday. She used the turkey breast from Thanksgivind dinner. I must say, she was able to slice that by hand and we got some very nice pieces out of that.

She stores all ours in the fridge with extra in the freezer. It is waaaay too good. *drool*

We really wanted to do chicken jerky like that kind you can buy that's made in China. Welp....after our experiments, it's made from raw chicken. She's not taking any chances on that. The heat from the dehydrator might not bee hot enough to kill any nasties....just help them multiply. If you brine or marinate the meat to help kill the nasties...that takes a lot of salt.

Smoke, beef.....it's what's fur jerky

ah..finally a- good life...
Barked: Mon Nov 26, '07 1:32pm PST 
cooking defeats the purpose...i promise there's no need to cook first if there's no moisture, bacteria cant grow...which would happen in ANY food when dehydrated...so you dont have to cook first

to get jerky like the store...cut RAW then dehydrate....you want to cut from 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick...depending on how chewy you want it,,.,.the thicker the chewier

ah..finally a- good life...
Barked: Mon Nov 26, '07 1:35pm PST 
bacteria and parasites need a hospitable environment...

to make it UNhospitable, you need to make it acidic, salty, or dry...

so dry: dehydrate
acid: marinate in OJ, lemon juice, lime juice
salty: brine

with brining, it doesnt add alot of salt, just kills the bacterica and helps draw out moisture which is a good start to dehydrating...you do NOT need to do all of these things, just one smile

and starting with raw product is perfectly fine!! thats how it should be done to get maximum NUTRITION and flavor
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