Havanese Match?

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Izzat chicken?
Barked: Sat Sep 26, '09 2:41am PST 
Hi! So I'm looking at the idea of getting some kind of dog (perhaps two, you'll see why) in a few years (No, not sooner - don't worry. I'm still a college student). One of the breeds that was suggested when I was describing what sort of dog I would be interested in was a Havanese. Reasons:

1) Temperament. Similar to cavs, whose temperaments I adore (but who have too many health problems that require too much money for someone just out of college to pay)
2) Size. Two reasons for this one. First, my first dog is, as you can tell, a small breed, so I'm a little predisposed to them by nature. Second, and more importantly, just out of college, I'm picturing myself probably living in an apartment, at a bare minimum temporarily.
3) Exercise. I am admittedly a couch potato. I can pull off a daily walk for about a half-hour or so, but I can't guarantee longer (although I frequently can go over an hour. I just can't guarantee it).

Now, I'm looking for answers to some different questions that maybe some owners can help me with.
Can Havaneses work with single people? Hopefully, when I'm out of college, I'll have a job (Although with this economy, you never know shrug). I can only imagine that I'll need to work away from the house. And one thing I can just about guarantee is that I will not be married... although I might have a roomie, if I get that desperate. Darn. That'd be another wrench. In any case, though, many of the breeds that I'd been looking at have separation anxiety issues pretty commonly, and one thing I keep getting suggested by friends is that two dogs are actually easier to care for than one, since the two can keep each other busy while I would work. Does that theory hold water with people here? Would such a move be necessary with a Havanese, and if so, would it work? confused