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Bella Ro
Barked: Sat Jul 12, '08 9:02pm PST 
My Havanes is itching so much. Last summer and this summer she itches so much. I use Derm anti itch spray, but it doesn't help much. I'm going to call the vet Monday. She was also this way last year and the vet advised to feed her Avoderm. She didn't do very well on this food I think because it contains avocado and Havanese shouldn't eat avocado. Is anyone out there experiencing a lot of itching with your baby? I feel so bad for her. I know she feels miserable.

Wheres my Dad?
Barked: Sun Aug 31, '08 7:59pm PST 
My Havanese, Buddy gets incredible itching. I have found something that really works great. I was sceptical about it at first, and took him off of it for a couple of weeks and it drove both of us crazy. So, back on it he went and it cuts down better than 95% of the itching. Its called Dinovite. You can find it here http://www.dinovite.net/detail_SUP3870000102__20.html. I just put the powder on dry food, and I buy only food with no grains in it. Its a little more expensive, but nothing is too good for a Havanese. I also feed no table scraps or human food of any kind - no matter what kind of looks I get from him. Good luck. I think if your Bella is like my Buddy - you will be glad you used this and you will finally get some sleep. Now if I could figure out how to get Buddy to stop chewing his paws.

Barked: Thu May 20, '10 4:53pm PST 
I have known a lot of dogs with wicked itching who tried everything with all the world-class vets at horse shows. The only thing that solved the worst cases was Lucky Braids Salve and Shampoo. The Salve is good for breaking the itching cycle with hot spots. Lucky Braids Shampoo will keep you out of the loop.

It is available with free shipping at LuckyBraids.com.

This stuff is in a league of its own. It rinses in a snap, too. if you comb hair wet it will be really fluffy and even easier to keep clean since it is so shiny and healthy.

Good luck!


Barked: Tue Dec 28, '10 1:12pm PST 
When I got Kit


one of the many problems she had was itching

Once all the bugs their eggs etc were killed of she still itched. I used a product that goes after the same thing Lucky Braids does, fungus.

Just look for tea tree oil. Another I'll toss in is only use mild natural products. I have learned that Bicon's have very very sensitive skin.

Every thing I use in the house and yard for fleas ticks etc is as safe as you can get. Most are FDA approved for around kitchens etc.