Miss Maggie is a big girl

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Barked: Mon Jul 2, '07 12:44pm PST 
Hello all,

I bought my dog from a breeder about a year and a half ago. Her mother was 10 pounds and her father was a whopping 14. When she was a puppy, she was a bit bigger than her siblings, so we thought she'd probably be more like her dad's size. Maggie is now full grown and is a whopping 20 pounds!! She is not fat at all as she is proportionately bigger than every other Havanese we have ever met. She is probably 2-4 inches taller and longer than everyone else! Everyone always argues with me whether or not she is pure bred or they try to tell me she is "probably a small Tibetan." Maggie gets very offended by this! Does anyone else have an unusually large Hav?

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Mine is about 7 kilos, which is about 15 pounds. So. I guess she's a big girl too! She's very solid, with no fat. The vet says she's in perfect condition. She has very powerful legs and is a super fast runner.
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wave I'm Glory and I weigh a big 18 lbs. I need to lose about 2-3 lbs and they have me on reduced diet food....I have lost about 1.5 lbs in the last 3 months!! And, yes, I am a purebreed Hav from a reputable breeder with 2 champions as parents!!


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Sophie is almost 2 yrs old...22 pounds...solid as a rock too. I guess you just never know how heavy they are going to be!