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Always hug your- puppy...
Barked: Thu Nov 1, '07 6:15am PST 
big laughbig laughbig laughI don't like my groomer...or rather my Mum doesn't like herbig laughbig laugh Before she came the last time, Mum put me outside to do my biz...and I was a good girl...but I guess I wasn't quite finished. So, when the lady brought be in....she told Mum I pooped like a great danebig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laugh I think I was just scared...big laughbig laugh

Barked: Tue Jun 10, '08 2:43pm PST 
hey my groomer was the worst you should see the pot bellied pig cut she followed with a poodle cut...

mommy bought a good blowdryer (ick) and some really good combs and brushes (ick) and combs me really good every night, then she bathes me bi-weekly and uses this stuff called eqyss (great for mats) as i like my hair long!

she got a dremel thing for my nails but hasn't tried it yet.

mommy figures she can't mess up any worse then the groomer and besides the groomer scares the "poop" out of me..


The Shredder
Barked: Tue Oct 28, '08 8:19pm PST 
My mommy has had bad experiences in the past with groomers. The good thing about us is that our fur is like hair...She hasn't tried to do it herself but the person daddy bought me from knows how and its not so I'm a good girl!


Born to party!
Barked: Fri Jan 30, '09 6:46am PST 
Hi all!

I get a lot of brushing at home, but I go to the groomers every now and then for a shave down, sanitary trip, ear plucks, nail trim, etc. I like my groomer at Petsmart, her name is Andrea and she's super sweet!

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